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Since launching our first community almost two years ago we have met new successful traders who share the same passion of sharing their knowledge.

Ahmed Zamzam’s Community

American stock market - Penny Stocks

Founder of AtradeZ and a full-time Day Trader in the Penny Stocks Market since 2017. Ahmed Zamzam shares his trades live every day with hundreds of other traders through his chatroom. And with the help of the course videos provided, you can quickly understand his strategy and start developing your own. 

Ayoub’s Community

American stock market - Mid Cap

After joining AtradeZ Community, Ayoub quickly gained popularity because of his deep understanding of the stock market, especially in the mid-cap. Since Ayoub started his community in early 2022, his community grew rapidly thanks to the strong feedback provided by his students. Ayoub shares his watchlist and trades everyday with his students and answer all their questions.

Hadi Alghanim’s Course

day trading learning course (1 month)

Being one of the oldest members of AtradeZ.pro and both studying and working in the field of finance, Hadi has developed a deep understanding of the financial industry’s many facets: Long-term investing, shorter-term trading, swing trading, and many more. Hadi created this trading course because of his passion for the financial field and for teaching others about the financial markets.


Funded Account

Best Deal for the starter

At AtradeZ we have reached an agreement with TEFS Ltd. to offer a funded account and a large platform for trading and investing in stocks and ETFs. Starting from only $350 you can get a funded account with $14,000 for investing or day trading and 6 months of membership with Ahmed Zamzam and 3 months of membership with Ayoub.