Our Beginners Course delivers essential beginner basics in 15 comprehensive classes that are structured to lead you into our advanced course. These chapters are designed to help you develop a solid foundation of knowledge that all traders need to know in order to succeed. Our courses are recorded digitally and can be streamed anytime from your account, so you can study when it works for your schedule.


Our Advanced Course is designed to help you develop a profitable trading strategy that works for you. You’ll learn everything from the history of the stock market, to how to read a trading platform, the basics of making a trade, which trading tools are must-haves, why being in the right mindset matters, and how to determine which trading strategy moving forward might be the best fit for you.


The Trading Chat Room is the ideal companions for your trading education. In the Chat Rooms, you will find a large community of like-minded traders discussing stocks, trades, and market conditions. The Chat Room helps in enhancing and accelerating your own skills development. Chat Room is available from 9:00 am EST – 4:00 pm EST when US markets are open. Sign up today for instant access to the trading community.


Be connected live with Ahmed Zamzam through the Live Audio Feed where he answers all the questions asked in the chat-room, give his comments on the stocks that he is watching and share his trades that he is executing.


Custom Scanner Settings using the best scanner software in the market that have been tested and refined to find the best stocks to trade according to our strategies. Our Stock Scanner Settings give you the ability to find the hot stocks that are in play by different traders to capitalize on the momentum that is happening in the market. This tool is considered to be one of the most valuable tools in trading because without it, its nearly impossible to find the stocks to trade among the thousands of stocks available in the market.


Stay current on the economic landscape and changes from week-to-week in the American stock market. The video will be posted every weekend to discuss the active stocks that moved throughout the week and to get an idea of what to expect in the upcoming week. This will include deep analysis of the active stocks to learn how to trade in such stocks when you see them again.